Video Content Key For Your Marketing.

Because of the growing need to gain followers and score new customers, businesses have turned their directions to several online marketing strategies. One such that has seen a boom in recent times is video content marketing.

Unlike in the past years, online video content marketing has changed. How? It has proven to be more effective for business owners. This is why small business owners have continued to utilize this marketing strategy to their favour.

The impact of video content is quite apparent. Now, YouTube has become the second-largest search engine in the world. Moreover, 82% of Twitter users consume videos every day. 92% of mobile video viewers also love to share videos with other people. And 87% of online marketers now use video content to achieve their business goals.

What is Video Content Marketing? Content marketing involves the production and online distribution of content that is informative, as well as entertaining. The primary goal of all content is to translate online consumers into customers or prospects, and constant buyers. Because video contents are usually effective in spreading the word, it has become a great marketing strategy for business owners.


5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Video Content Marketing Strategy for your Business

Amongst a handful of online marketing strategies, video content marketing has proven effective. Here are some significant reasons why businesses are using video content marketing in 2019.


 Higher conversion rate

Are you sourcing for more conversion rates for your next online marketing campaign? If yes, video content marketing will do the trick. We all know how significant conversion rate is to a campaign. It is the metric that seems to matter the most. Besides, if your prospects don’t translate to customers, your business won’t grow.

Now, where does video content marketing come in? Compared to other marketing strategies, video content marketing gives your prospective customers the clarity to patronize you or make the final decision. With videos, you’ll amass more customers who would purchase your product or sign up for your newsletter.

It also puts ahead of your competitors. How? Because the creation of quality video content takes time to produce, it’ll be long before your competitor catches up!

A video report from video analytics and marketing platform Vidyard revealed that 71% of marketers opine that video contents are more conversion-friendly.


Stronger Engagement Levels

One of the few marketing strategies that improve engagement levels is video content marketing. Numerous researches affirm that visual content works like magic, especially when the videos are engaging. Everyone loves an appealing visual content! But the visuals are not limited to images or photos. After all, video content is increasingly becoming a huge part of visual content. Now, videos on social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, are doing numbers.

Imagine posting video content on your social media. Guess what happens next? You have a robust 10X chance of more comments, likes, and shares. But do not get carried away, one thing that works well for video content marketing is quality. And remember, people recall 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see. This is a whopping 70% of what they see and hear!

Creates an emotional connection

If you take a glance through most social media networks, you’ll discover that video contents are the most shared when compared to other types of content. The thing is, there are quite a handful of reasons why people love sharing videos. But the most prominent amongst these reasons is that a quality video content marketing campaign will help put out videos that emotionally connect with the next person.

What’s the benefit of creating an emotionally appealing video? For one, you give the community a reason to view your content. Secondly, viewers or followers share these videos on their network.

Let’s take a look at the conventional blog posts. You’ll hardly find one that comes with the emotionally-attaching content of videos. The sound effects, music, tone of videos do well to grasp the attention of the viewers. So, you’ll also be sharing interesting content, thereby attracting followers to your business.

Another thing video content marketing does is that it sticks to the head of viewers. For instance, your followers may enjoy your video that shows several feelings, but that doesn’t mean they’ll purchase your video immediately. However, video content will help them make that decision when they keep consuming more quality videos from you.

So, regardless of whether you play in the B2B or B2C market, capturing the emotions of your audience with video content marketing will help your business.


Easier SEO Results

All marketing strategies seek to capture attention and yield positive results. That begs the question of if video content marketing has a role to play in SEO? You might also wonder if video content can help you rank higher in search engines? All these are affirmative. You just have to do it right.

One research conducted by Comscore revealed that adding video content to your website, gives you a 53% chance to appear on the first page of SERPs. This shows that quality video content marketing do play a big role in both conversion rate, and the organic search traffic your website or business will generate.

If you would like to implement video content into your marketing strategy get in touch with one of our video producer’s today.


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