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Videos are vital to any event, especially the memorable ones. Be it a wedding, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and other kinds of gathering; you need an experienced videographer to capture your memorable day!


Videos are vital to any event, especially the memorable ones. Be it a wedding, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and other kinds of gathering; you need an experienced videographer to capture your memorable day!

In event planning, the first thing that comes to mind is the perfect venue, the right menu, and piling up the guest list. What good are all these if you cannot capture the moment? 

Modern mobile phones come with impressive cameras that can shoot some high-quality videos and pictures. However, this doesn’t come close to what a professional videographer can achieve.

The thing is, an experienced videographer will use the right equipment. Besides, videographers are skilled in looking for, and capturing, those memorable moments you want to have forever. 

Before investing in a videographer, you have to spend time finding just the right one. Here are five things you need to have at the back of your mind:

Location of the videographer 

One of the very first things you need to consider before hiring a videographer for your events is to determine the location and movement of the videographer. Before we move on, do well to know that a videographer is in charge of recording or capturing the live footage of your event.

Why is the location of your videographer important? In the course of event planning, you have to decide if you’re hiring remotely or locally. In the case of a wedding documentary, hiring remotely may not work. However, there’s an exception if you can finance the hotel expenses of the videographer. So, the best thing to do while preparing your project brief is to state your preference. You should add the location you prefer, or state that you’re open to freelancers.

One videographer may not be enough

Have you ever considered capturing all the happenings in your event, but you feel it’s not possible? If yes, it’s best you know that two or more videographers may do the trick. A single-camera may not be sufficient to capture all the details, and you don’t want to look back and have major regrets. 

To avoid regrets, you should consider whether you should hire more than one videographer. So, if you want to film a live event such as a wedding, you need more than one video camera to capture different angles. To achieve this, you have to hire different videographers. Sometimes, videographers work as a crew, which makes the job straightforward. However, if you find an independent one, you should ask if they’ve worked with any other in the past. This makes it easy for you to hire a second videographer.

Consider the equipment you need

Although videos are essential in event planning, capturing them with the right equipment is also vital. Unlike the past years, when you need huge lighting pieces and camcorders, an experienced videographer can get the job done with a compact camera. Moreover, you need a good video camera to ensure great shots. If you desire dynamic focusing, ask your videographers if they have the lenses available for that. 

In addition to this, you’ll need tripods. If you need sounds, discuss with your videographer on how to achieve this. If you’re tying the knot, you may not want to use a handheld microphone. A clip-on mic may do the trick! 

Portfolio, quality, and style

Before hiring a videographer, you should ascertain your style and that of the videographer. Do you want your video in a documentary, or cinematic style, or you want a taste of both? Now is the time to make a vital decision. The need for this information is because you need to grasp the unique style of your videographer. You also want to make sure their style is similar to your preference. 

If you want a romantic video, your videographer has to come up with something of this sort so you both would be on the same page at the end of the agreement. Remember, you’ll be spending a reasonable amount of cash on a videographer; you don’t want to be left disappointed. 

Another thing you should do is to ask for samples of portfolios of their previous work. This is important because it gives you a taste of the videographer’s style and professionalism.

Post-Production and pricing

If you’re trying to cut costs or have prior knowledge of video editing, you can accept the raw footage from your videographer. On the other hand, you can include post-production fees in your event planning budget; this will help you get a properly edited video. It goes both ways; some videographers do include this function in their package. In another vein, you may have to hire a video editor. 

Pricing is another vital issue. Generally, videographers do charge a flat rate based on the amount of time they’ll spend in your event. Some videographers also charge daily, or include packages that vary in services and price range. 

In all, it all depends on your taste, budget, and how well you want your videos too turn out. Be sure to follow these tips above, and make sure the videographer you hire doesn’t have several events to shoot on the day of your event.

If you’ve made it to this point, its most likely you’re in need of a professional videographer. We urge you to search no further, call Kalki Productions on 1300 403 174!

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I used Kalki Productions to help get a short film I had wanted to make off the ground. I found that the team was incredibly professional & efficient, as they had industry standard equipment (Cameras & Their post production facilities) and knowledgable experience in this field. All round great experience with this business and a real value for money service!
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Richard and his team are professionals they captured all the great moments of our high tea event and the video was amazing. I would highly recommend their videography services.
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We hired the guys from Kalki to produce our promotional video and from day one we knew they were passionate about what they do and we were in good hands the final video was better than I expected
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