Tips for Better Video Interviews

Whether it’s a promotional video or documentary, virtually all professional videographers
can agree that audio isn’t just important; it’s essential. Video interviews can add helpful
narration to move a story along and engage viewers on a deeper level.
In a business intro video, interviews help the audience understand the people behind the
company — and in many cases, the culture. In marketing videos, interviews can drive
interest and brand loyalty among viewers, who can now put a “face” to the brand.
But not all video interviews are created equally — and they’re not as simple as putting
someone on camera and pressing record. If you’re shooting any sort of video that would
benefit from audio, here are some tips to capture quality video interviews.

As an actor, your showreel is the key to successfully landing acting gigs, and, therefore, reaching fame.

It’s something you should be proud to show potential casting directors, and with this guide showing you the best tips and practices for a great showreel, you could be well on your way to scoring that gig you’ve always dreamed of.

Tip #1: Keep It Short & Concise

There’s no need to tell the casting director your whole life story and filming experience. In your showreel, you just want to focus on the best parts and leave out the boring stuff that will likely make them yawn.

Keep it short and sweet, no longer than about three minutes, but even shorter than that is better. This will make sure you retain their interest long enough for them to consider you as a candidate for their project.

During this short period, you want to express who you are and what you are capable of, leaving a lasting impression on whoever watches it.

Tip #2: Relax & Be Yourself

This may sound like a simple one, but as an actor, it’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin. How can you act if you continually feel distracted by self-consciousness?

And, furthermore, how is this going to appear to casting directors? If they can’t see you’re comfortable with your passion, they aren’t going to hire you.

Have fun and enjoy the process so that they can see you’re both passionate and determined to succeed. Not only that, show them that you are a unique person with a particular talent!

Tip #3: Find Your Unique Angle

If you can work with a unique angle, and you’re conflicted as to whether or not you should go with it, do it. Be different. This will set you apart from the competition and will have more of a lasting impression than a standard showreel.

Take a risk and try a different approach to what everyone else is doing – you might just find it works flawlessly.

Tip #4: Get Creative

Similar to the last tip, you want to get creative with your showreel. Don’t follow traditions and especially don’t treat acting as simple “acting.”

Tell a story to the viewer. What experience can you leave them with? What questions will arise in their head after they finish watching it? Are they curious to discover more? Have you made an emotional impact on them?

Think about these and incorporate it into your showreel. Make sure that you story-tell more than “act.”

Tip #5: Make It Balanced

While you want to keep the showreel concise, you also want to get a good mixture of everything in there.

This includes showing many different aspects of your acting – the quiet moments, the loud, terrifying ones… Take it from one extreme to the next, to really give the casting director an idea of what you can do.

Creating your showreel is an exciting time, but it’s also a fundamental process. Many things should be considered before finalising it and showcasing it.

Follow these simple steps to make your showreel the best it can be to impress those who matter. Get in touch with us today on how we can help you create your acting showreel and make your dream to act become a reality.
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Tips for Better Video Interviews

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